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The vast majority of the population has a mobile phone. Through a user-friendly software application and hardware plug ins, everyone with a mobile phone will be able to vote. This solution is cheap, convenient and enables EVERYONE to vote.

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Vote-a-phone offers numerous ways to vote, which will enable people with language constraints and physical disabilities to participate in the voting process. People who are unable to because they cannot afford transportation or are unable to take time off from work will also be able to cast their votes without making any unnecessary sacrifices.

Examples of ways to vote through a mobile device:

Text, Web application, Voice, Email, Video, Picture

We will also assure the identity of the voters through:

Finger print identity, Unique code to each potential voter , Phone number , Facial recognition, Voice recognition, Eye recognition, Scan of
personal ID

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Vote-a-phne will address and eliminate the following challenges: •Mobility issues: No need to physically vote, especially for rural population or people cannot afford the transportation costs to go to vote •Disabilities: Value add for people with disabilities (vote through voice, eye, and ID recognition) •Language constraints: image-based voting & info sharing will make the translation process cheap, efficient and accessible

How well does this concept adapt to the changing needs of different voter communities?

Most people own a mobile phone; Vote-a-phone embraces this trend and connects voting cultures to technological advances.

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