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Radio Technology and the Election Experience

Appealing to a rather small but nonetheless important group - let's seek to tackle the language barrier between people by using the radio technology of the BBC as a model.

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To effectively speed up processes within voting but still accommodating those who wish for more decision times, can it be possible to provide prior voting preparation? Utilizing an idea from the BBC, this idea seeks to create a single, accessible ratio network addressing common language barriers. Separate "radio station" reminiscent of each BBC Radio station may be introduced, each of a different language. And within, there could be information regarding voting processes and accounts of voting experiences - anything to maintain a calm environment that would make anyone comfortable and well informed beforehand.

Modeling after BBC Radio services:

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Accessibility towards the global population would be opened, as the solution crosses the language barrier into creating a sense of unity between voters and the voting processes. It would eliminate the uncertainty and stress some people may face, in some countries where English is primarily dominant.

How well does this concept adapt to the changing needs of different voter communities?

It would be integrated within anywhere radio is accessible, whether it be on the internet, in cars, on public bus transportation, and smartphones. In this way, a wide range of voter communities may integrate the new radio stations without having to make drastic changes in the process of voting itself, which may be more difficult to implement. Communities themselves may decide for themselves the extent to which the technology is integrated as well, according to available resources - based upon its limitations.

What kinds of resources – whether time, money, people, partnerships, technology or otherwise – will be needed to get this concept off the ground?

Time would be spent in possibly creating a central website unlike the BBC Radio with multiple stations in different languages for live streaming internet broadcasts, as well as multiple AM/FM radio broadcasting stations. Unlike the BBC, NPR, or any large radio broadcasting groups, the radio stations will focus primarily upon voting services and information - although news around the world regarding elections will constantly be streaming in, in the form of articles, radio broadcasts, photographs, and interviews. Anyone could gain access to their voting community by clicking links to a specific country; it would be an international hub where people would constantly stay updated upon elections around the world. Possible advertising would bring the stations into prominence among the voter community, and may be done through sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The voter community would be the main, central focus the stations address, and furthermore would create, again, a sense of unity. Funding could possibly be provided by non other than the BBC and large radio broadcasting services. Rather than being an independent organization, this new website could be linked from the BBC/NPR/CNN/PBS.

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Ashley Jablow - Thank you! The concept "Rethinking Election Queues"
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Hi Justin
Excellent concept and one that can be incorporated into a range of scenarios during the refinement phase.

Here is a link to one of our local volunteer radio stations which although established for a different purpose would serve as part model, especially since it is already aimed at part of the target group for this challenge. There is a flash based site but I deliberately chose the text based link to include here:
Sorry I didn't get around to commenting earlier.

Photo of Paul Reader

Sorry just keep thinking of linkages for this excellent idea.
Priyanka has a concept for story telling that might fit well here for possible content too

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