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One-click online voting

Simply head to each election season, log-in with your identify-verified account, and place your vote!

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Written by DeletedUser   is media heavy with links to candidate platform, videos,
pictures, symbols. Footage from debates is easily accessible. Voting  can take place any time during the absentee voting period. The vote  can be changed for a period afterward, to reduce anxiety about making  a decision. Loyal voters may receive rewards or incentives to continue  voting on time.

Prior verification of identity is a must. You can register for an
online voting account at a convenience store, DMV, village hall, town hall, government buildings. Once you have an online voting account it is valid for 5 years, after which time you must present your ID and revalidate at a government building. could also be a government sponsored home for tools like those created by the Voting Information Project, which help voters find a polling place, print a write-in ballot, or learn more about what will be on the ballot. This way, the site could both handle on-line voters and help voters that would rather vote in person or need additional information about the electoral process. doesn't have to be just for voters either. It could also be a home for Daniel's best-practices site where election officials can communicate and learn from each other's approaches.

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Must be multi-lingual, screen reader accessible, built to accommodate all internet users of all abilities. Maybe using a dyslexic-friendly font as well.

What kinds of resources – whether time, money, people, partnerships, technology or otherwise – will be needed to get this concept off the ground?

Resource-heavy, must be run by the government or an authorized NGO, which could take years to get going. Needs considerable technology and people power to make it happen.

My Virtual Team

Pike Oliver, Eelin Ng, Patricia Echeverria, Justin Boon, Joelle Jach, Ada.Ng, Rachel Happen, Daniel Castro, Paul Reader


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Hi, think you are on to something and I like the ideas added by users to incorporate more functions for The actual voting situation might need some privacy thinking, how to guarantee free and private votes?

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Of course, issues of software security and privacy will have to be addressed before online voting can be implemented. It took only 36 hours for University of Michigan computer scientists to hack and totally compromise the integrity of a trial online voting system in Washington D.C. Some good ideas are being discussed in the comments on Stefan Ritter's Concept page:

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Jakob and Eric,

Thanks for the excellent points. I hadn't heard about the UMichigan trial of the online voting platform. I'm glad this sort of thing is being tested! I like Stefan's points about the strength and speed of open source development as well, I'll add my thoughts there.

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