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Minority Report Voting: Using Finger and Hand Gestures to Vote

Use your fingers to magnify and navigate the information. And then use your hands to select, mark, and cast your vote!

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Gestural interface technology is considered to provide a very direct, natural, and intuitive way of interacting with a device. It has been applied in everyday products such as mobile phones, laptops, and game devices. However, none of the current voting machines have a multi-touch screen that allows users to use finger or hand gestures to make a flexible interface or intuitive way of interacting with a system.

The concept of using finger-gesturesoperating through finger movements on multi-touch screens allows voters to get the information easily. For example, low-vision or older adults can magnify and navigate the interface without knowing where the buttons are on the screen.Instead of finding and touching the virtual button for the zoom or scrolling on the single-touch screen, users just need to pinch their fingers to zoom or swipe their fingers to navigation on any surface.

The concept of using hand-gestures with the Microsoft Kinect can help voters easily and naturally select and mark their intended candidate and also cast votes. A selection gesture could be a universal finger-count hand gesture (i.e., one, two, three…). A mark gesture might be the universal okay-sign hand gesture. Finally, a cast gesture can be a differentiating gesture from other select and mark gestures. For example, a gesture for pulling a slot machine can provide a feeling of completion since this is the final step in voting.

Because of the simple and universal language of hand-gestures, this idea of using a hand-gesture as an input for the voting would be more accessible without requiring as much time for learning and adaptation to the system. This gesture voting will enable a more natural, intuitive communication between people and systems.

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Gesture voting will improve the voting process for a wide range of people. Blind and visually impaired, hearing, and mobile impaired voters will be able to use finger and hand-gestures to get information as well as select, mark, and cast their votes naturally.


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Great use of illustrations to convey your concept, Tina.

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