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QUICK BOOK- VOTE ! log in or Call (updated- find out and book your time slot !)

the analogy of prior appointments( doctors) where one can make a phone call to find out how much is the rush, book appointments and leave home accordingly, helps the staff at voting booth to stay informed and is convenient for the voter as well.

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While informing people about the date and venue add website addresses and helpline number of their corresponding vote poll to enable prior booking of time slots. Allow people to email or call, text message or voice message a 2 weeks prior to the election day and call uptill the election day last working hours.

Let the voter suggest the time slot (ask for two preferences first and second ) Confirmation to be sent on the same number or while booking like this : -

If need assistance – yes/no

Time slot (first preference) –

(Second preference)- 4 p.m.-5.p.m

Confirmation – your 4.p.m to 5 p.m slot is confirmed on booth no A !

Contact number : to be provided by the voter

On reaching they follow the signage for booth A and VOTE

In case of phone calls or messages - the number called from gets registered for election officials to update the voter in case of any changes like they inform ( at airports ) that we are running behind schedule by half an hour !

Most of the people irrespective of their disability and means to communicate use mobiles/ telephones or visit net already( in severe cases with the help of friends and families ) and a combination of both online and phone call would be the most accessible medium to start the QUICK BOOK vote ! .

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

To begin with, the special facility should be provided to people who need assistance , like elderly, pregnant women, differently-abled or if someone has fallen sick. People who need assistance or want to avoid long wait, someone who is sick or gets stuck at work -can find out the queue status, plan accordingly or inform/book their preferred time slot and leave home/office accordingly. For example I can make a call on behalf of my mom and book her time so that she can leave home accordingly, this will help avoid the long wait in queue for the voter and the poll workers stays informed and prepared ! Further this could be built upon and extended to everyone, decide the rush hours. Display screens could be added to project the number of people for particular hours and may be request them to reschedule or shift responsibilities between poll workers. The same would help poll workers to know number of people coming in, and if too many people want to come at same time, they could be informed to rethink the time slot. The same could be printed like reservation charts or have display screens like on railway stations for poll workers to stay prepared. The staff could be increased or decreased or shift responsibilities on hourly basis.. The concept could be built upon and the facility could be extended to everyone to book their time slot and make arrangements accordingly. Also people from the same neighborhood could use the votepool - concept to come together and go together. !

How well does this concept adapt to the changing needs of different voter communities?

Just like with doctor's appointments and web check-in for boarding flights the concept helps the voter as well as the voting booth staff to stayed informed , make necessary arrangements to assist people better. The voter too would be assured of assistance and less time exhaustion because of prior arrangements ! It would reduce the stress level for poll worker as well voter , help everyone use their time effectively and hence reduce chances of mishaps, too much crowd , no poll worker to attend to etc.

What kinds of resources – whether time, money, people, partnerships, technology or otherwise – will be needed to get this concept off the ground?

Resources : a website + helpline kind of setup ! ( like railways and airways provide ) team. Infra structure for staff to collect the data and transfer it in usable format for vote pool staff ( disseminate the information from website and phone calls in the form of display screens ) Time : as suggested 2 weeks prior to the election the team QUICK BOOK VOTE Starts operating ! People/staff : to attend phone calls and confirm time slots online and on phone. Partnerships : the project has both the components initial infrastructure costs and salaries if its difficult to get volunteers willing to run the website and attend phone calls (per state-further divided into zones for voting ) The QUICK BOOK- VOTE ! would be a special engine initiated like others projects- VOTE INFO PROJECT , ROCK THE VOTE , GET THE VOTE OUT etc. by state governments. Technology: website interface designing, setting up the phone line, compiling data , transferring it like score boards for the poll workers reference.

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concepts and discussions on airport analogy , long queues, and poll workers .


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Photo of Johan Löfström

I got an idea; if you made it optional for people to book a specific time slot, you would have contact info for those.

So if any one of the time slots (together with a digitally calculated algorithm that estimate un-scheduled voters for that time of day) became full and your extra staff are at another polling station; you would be able to use those contacts, to email or call them, to ask if they could come in 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later, to shuffle them around in the timeslots, and reduce waiting in line. and give more time to call in your extra staff and adapt to the unscheduled voters...

not sure if that would help more than marginally, but anyway, I just had to post my little idea. Best of luck!

Photo of Ashley Jablow

Glad to see you chiming in here Johan!

Photo of mamta gautam

Hey Johan, yes true, we can provide a more customized experience by keeping them informed, another thing , at few restaurants -they give a token number and small display screen in front and people can trace the token numbers to know how much more time for their order to get ready. Here too we could have a manual display system which tells people how numbers are changing as every voter votes, such a scorecard kind of analogy helps people in not loosing their patience as they see things moving in queue !!

Photo of Johan Löfström

Another restaurant service: the blue plastic pucks. If you order your food in fast-food-counter or lunch-diners with only buffet-style-service at a counter. And you wish to eat something that is not in the buffet, or if you are vegetarian or allergic (or just wish to remove one or two items off the standard precooked hamburger). You order, pay and get a puck. You go sit down at a table. And when your dish is ready in the kitchen, your puck will buzz and light up with flashing diodes. So you go back to the counter and pick up your food!

i just thought of it as an addition. Say if there are many voters that requested assistance, those should be given priority, and the others arriving at the same minute could be given such a puck, or just a flag with a number on it, so they know they are in the queue, and are the next priority, that are going to vote in just a couple of minutes.

Photo of Paul Reader

Yes these thoughts go back to my concept of dispersing the queue so each person can relax and see how the queue is progressing.

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