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Create a support community of Poll Stations & Workers (Updated)

A crowdsourcing service providing tips, advice, best practice, tools & knowledge from other poll stations around the country & potentially globally to provide support for poll workers to deliver best in class universal design experience for everyone.

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A website and community outreach program to enable poll workers to share and learn best practice around how to setup their polling station to maximize the citizen experience. A strong aspect of this would be how to enable universal access. Topics could be created that address specific user groups, advice on how to speak to people with disabilities for instance. 

The community could pose questions such as 'How can I created a more private experience for my poll station?' or 'How can I help cater for those with Autism?'

Specific strategies and techniques that have been tried could be shared and feedback could be given, or 'builds' on that specific approach provided by others who have tried it out and have improvements.

Thanks to everyone who helped improve this idea:

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

By creating a continuous innovation approach of knowledge sharing, community building, and new ideas. Users can create a profile either as a voter or a poll worker (or potentially a local government worker). As a poll worker, during the profile building process, the user can specify which areas they are most interested in improving as well as view data on what voters think needs changing. Options might be based around accessibility areas or around design aspects of the space. The site is organized into Issues, Solutions, and Discussions. In the Issues area you can find your local poll station and rate, comment, or make suggestions for how it should be improved, or even ask questions which will show up in the poll worker or local government's profile when they next login. Solutions can be shared by everyone, but solutions that have been tried and validated can be scored, evaluated, and given constructive feedback to help them improve. Each Solution can be adapted and implemented in an open source fashion in other poll stations. When this happens, the Solution increases its overal score. A bit like, the Solutions can be given step by step instructions in a DIY fashion to help Poll Workers implement ideas.

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Really nice mockups Lucy! I also like your thinking about dividing the site into Issues, Solutions and Discussions.

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