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Artificial Intelligent Voter App

As I finish answering the questionnaire, my artificial intelligence App, tells which candidate to vote for. Of course I have the final say, but I love it that itconsiders all my choices, my goals, the candidate, the economy, and even my gutt feeling.

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Who has the time to deal with endless information and money invested to confuse. This App has the depicted components and it  selects the candidate that bestsuits your life style, your long term goals using AI (artificial intelligence), stats and other basic calculations. Of you have the final say.

One: the app starts by asking you many questions including your financial goals, potential retirement year, education savings, community concerns etc.

Two: it asks you to sort them in terms of importance. You say for exemple that your guttfeeling represent 30 percent and the job creation only 5. You divide the rest equally. Or none at all, up to you.

Three: it analyzes every thing using history, personality of the candidate and possibility of success, current economic situation and all relevant entries and tells you, ok here is the one that most suites YOU, until further notice.

other components:

>> educator module using wikipedia, YouTube etc.

>> candidate module helps build model of humor her. Using latest personality theories, the candidate can debate all they want but your app know who they really are and can even tell, statistically speaking if they are likely going to do what they have processed you to do. But it is up to you to decide.

more details later ...

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Everyone with a phone or Internet can centralize their voting experience, choices and history in one place.

How well does this concept adapt to the changing needs of different voter communities?

This will be a great place for reflection and learning.

What kinds of resources – whether time, money, people, partnerships, technology or otherwise – will be needed to get this concept off the ground?

AI, apps, stats, web.


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I think there is a lot of potential here. The challenge is reconciling the simplicity required for app success with the complexity of political considerations of a voter. In the hazy field of political terminology, a definition of terms will be critical for the validity of the apps measurements, and the user's understanding of them.

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Thanks for the comment, Kris. You are absolutely correct. We cannot expect a majority of voters to understand the complexity of how their needs can be met by candidates. Computers are great in bridging the gap between the simplicity of the selection and that said complexity ... I have looked around for an interested party to work on this but haven't. Yet.