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Why File become more challenging these day's

Today's lives are full of lots of challenges, and that challenges make us more successful there is no doubt.

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As I can see in my past life everything I use and does that was pretty easy because that time was quite different according to these day's, but into this present life everything becomes more challenging then my old day's and that was my personal experience and I guess you guys feel the same thing in your life too.

Today's common challenges

Well, if I'll ask you what do you take as a big challenge these day's, I'm 100% sure that you'll say to study well or get higher marks, or maybe finding a perfect job for the best future, that was a common challenge because we all have it once in age but what was more difficult. Well, if you ask me the same question my answer will be, keep things secure because as technology upgrading people's mind they were getting dirtier and trying to steal your personal property like your banking details, or any other important documents.

A few months ago, I've got hacked by some spammer they were tracking my emails to steal as much information they needed to hack my account and once they have done, and I was like whats wrong I thought it happens from the Yahoo! server, I mailed their email almost every day but they never response then a wellwisher told me to go and higher a technician and I simply go for it because there I have my personal Id's and many other documents. that guy helps me clean up my pc but my mail is still not working then I realise it's really important to keep our data secure after some day's I got a response from some guys who help me to recover my Yahoo account and now it's working fine they're really awesome. I wish nobody experience this trouble in life.

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