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Restoring Vibrancy and creating opportunities for revenue generation

The focus of the will be restoring vibrancy in cities and creating opportunities for revenue generation

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The focus and aim is to design An inclusive and vibrant city in which the processes of development include a wide variety of citizens and activities. These cities maintain their wealth and creative power by avoiding marginalization, which compromises the richness of interaction upon which cities depend.

Our working premise is that inclusive and vibrant cities are both more affluent and more socially just.

Inclusive cities and vibrant are more affluent because they mobilize and enable a wider spectrum of people and talents than a city in which some of those human resources are marginalized. They are also more socially just. By including the otherwise marginalized in the productive activities and opportunities of the city, they offer better access to pathways for social and economic betterment.

Inclusiveness works against social and economic exclusion, and their shadow: urban decay. It works against dividing the city into ghettoes of despair without opportunities for upward economic mobility.  It does not mean freezing growth or preventing redevelopment; rather, the opposite—encouraging more sustainable, prosperous, comprehensive growth and development by avoiding exclusivity and dislocation and the heavy, often ignored costs they carry.

It's well known that poverty and social exclusion are multi-dimensional problems, and there is no magic bullet. CIU focuses on the spatial dimension to poverty, at all scales. But we also understand that a spatial understanding by itself is radically incomplete, and often ineffectual. Therefore, we seek an integrated understanding which maps the interrelationships between the spatial and the economic, social, cultural and historical aspects of poverty and social exclusion. We look both at city form, and at processes of urban formation. Our activities range from research, to research in practice, to practical work that seeks to include disadvantaged urban communities in all dimensions of urban life.

Inclusive cities bring otherwise marginalized activities into the center to join otherwise privileged activities, so one may see the following sharing urban space, cheek by jowl:

rich and poor

different ethnicities

businesses and the arts

goods production, knowledge work, learning and play

students, workers and retirees

people and products from the surrounding countryside

children and adults

people of all varieties of ability and disability

new immigrants, visitors, and founding families

inclusive governance that brings all of these perspectives into the shaping of the city.

The Research will be during the course of the Project traveling around the world covering four continents and thousands of miles and experience festivals around the world and styding interactive spaces around the world.
The experiential knowledge and my expertise in designing more than Ten hundred Thousand  Square Feet area and interest towards Passive and sustainable architecture are the key concerns that will be utilized in the execution of the project “ Celebration For All”.

Emphasis shall be placed on adaptation and implementation of research-derived knowledge and techniques to a practical architecture project .It will aim to yield tangible outcomes in the form of prototype which will be replicated all around the world.The project will ensure vibrancy and result in revenue generation by promotion of tourism and promotion of indigenous craft of Pakistan and then around the globe.

Festival of colours in Ireland with restores vibrancy and promotes tourism

Restoration of cultural heritage and monuments 

Chinot Tazia 

Globalization - Replication of Effie Tower in Baharia Town Lahore

Tourism has become an important sector that has an impact on development of country economy. The main benefits of tourism are income creation and generation of jobs. For many regions and countries it is the most important source of welfare.

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