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Dynamics of neighborhoods in transition.

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Now that there are more buildings and more what? The demographics of the neighborhood of Harlem are changing, creating an increase in a diverse population that includes multiple races, ethnicities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. The energy created through the multitude of culture perspectives in the neighborhood has the potential of increasing the possibilities for integrative solutions through differences in understanding. However, a fundamental problem remains, many of us do not know each other.

Where do people meet each other and develop relationships with one another?  Do they feel welcome? Is there a common ground where newer residents and long-time residents can create solutions together?  Do they want to create solutions together?

I have long term plans to stay in my neighborhood. I like where I have live. Over the past seven years, I’ve developed a community of friends and neighbors that I care for and appreciate. 

From many conversations, with my neighbors, both those that were born in the neighborhood and those that have moved to the neighborhood, we understand that change is happening, and we want to be part of the solution. It’s just a question of HOW and WHERE.


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Really great questions Michelle! I'm so glad that you've added this inspiration. Since economic resurgence will always bring new people, these questions on how to integrate new and old people, and how they work together are so relevant.

I'd be interested to hear your further thoughts on what you've observed in your neighborhood on how people have or haven't been able to connect for more insights!

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Jenny, I'll be sure to follow on this post with some additional thoughts re: connection. Thanks for the note.