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The Ruins of Detroit

Rekindle what once was? or Re-imagine what could be?

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Many IDEATORS have mentioned Detroit as the quintessential example of a city in decline and experimenting with rebirth. I offer these images by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre to challenge, push and advance our thinking of what we mean by revitalization. The photos of "The Ruins of Detroit" are beautiful in their own right and remind the viewer of the grandeur the city once possessed. For me they also bring up the question of what is meant by revitalization? Should energy be focused on rekindling and replicating the dreams and experiences of the past? For instance, can Detroit reclaim the titles of industrial powerhouse (think automotive industry) and cultural force (think Motown). Or, instead, should we let go of the past and direct our efforts into imagining new possibilities and futures for the city?

For more images and information about Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre check out:


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Really incredible. It reminds you of what kind of investment has been made in the city over the last century and also what happens when maintenance stops. Imagine the experiences people had in these spaces. What other infrastructure exists in the city that has been under utilized and even abandoned? Can we reignite these elements of infrastructure? Thanks for posting!

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