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Room For Growth

Creating room for people to GROW is essential to restoring vibrancy.

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Looking at our current economic landscape, it seems pretty bleak. You only need to open a newspaper to read about what's happening locally & globally. This challenge is all about restoring vibrancy to cities & regions in economic decline.

We currently live in a profit-based & state-based economy. Eventually these models will recede & we will move into an economy of voluntary collaboration that is open source & transparent. Many many inspirations for this challenge have been around this theme.

What happens when people live in a place where the economy is receding? They get depressed. Why? They get depressed not just because of the things they are losing but because they can't provide even the basic needs for themselves, their families, & their communities. What happens when you can't provide even the basic things? You can't grow. 

& GROWTH is essential to being. We always need to be able to keep growing; learning new things, exploring, going new places, & when we can't do that we aren't very happy people.

So, I think to restore vibrancy we need to be able to provide some way for people to keep growing. When people grow they will influence & inspire those around them & this can only have a ripple effect.

This is just a summary of something we discussed in class today & I thought it was worth posting. If anyone has any further insights/ opinions/ connections then please share!

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