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Project: Interaction, Teaching High School Students to Design Change in Their Communities

Project: Interaction teaches students that practically everything around them is designed, and that they, too, can participate in shaping their world. Imagine the impact of this on our cities if this kind of thinking was more widespread?

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Project: Interaction introduces high school students to the world of design, helping them become more skilled at communication, storytelling, creative thinking and problem solving. The goal is for students to then approach problems using the design methods and skills they learn, tackling issues that matter to them to create viable solutions.

While New York City acts as a classroom throughout the curriculum, the city also plays a major role in the students' final project. It is here students have an opportunity to apply their new-found design skills to impact their immediate community.

The program is still young so I look forward to seeing the results over time. Equipping young people with tools and the mindset of creators could have a huge impact on neighborhoods, cities, and the world.

What are your thoughts?

The program reminds me a bit of Project H Design's work, but I'm trying to think of others.


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