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Piranesi 2020 – Greening the Abandoned

Without massive reconstruction, can we imagine sublime vertical parks in place of abandoned buildings?

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What do we do with abandoned buildings and infrastructure? They are too expensive to upkeep, but unsightly when left alone.  What do we do with the land once we've taken the buildings down?

Can we take this opportunity to celebrate Detroit's history, celebrate it authentically through repurposing rather than eradicating.  Help nature reclaim buildings. Celebrate the sublime about Detroit's history.  Make them intro attractive features that you and I will go visit to learn about Detroit.  Just Piranesi did with Rome, this our opportunity to make history. 


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So reminds me of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ( Could we create a new wonder by reclaiming buildings that are decaying?

Perhaps we should create the '7 wonders of reclaiming our environment'.

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