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People Make It Happen

What's missing from Detroit? People walking down the street!

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I've included 2 pictures of Detroit (then & now) that serve as a really great example of what a vibrant city used to look like and now looks like.  The Kresge building, once the heart of Detroit's shopping district, was a bustling place.  Being vacant for years, it's now starting back up as a shopping center.  Only a few businesses have signed up so far:

  • 5&10 Bar and Diner
  • Anderson & Associates – law office
  • Chez Zara – cafe shop (Coming soon)
  • Hosiery With Style
  • Swirls Cupcakes

The bottom line is that very few people are walking around the city, and that is how I personally define a vibrant atmosphere.  When there's a baseball, football, or hockey game, the city is very vibrant as all of the folks from the suburbs descend on the city.  But outside of that, it's a pretty desolate place.


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Very good. After i read your challenge, I just could not image how creativty of human beings. People make lots of things happen. I could tell the difference between the city used to like and now looks like. It make me to think that what will looks like in the future. I would be curious about it. There will be lots of new and advanced things happen in the future. It will be a new stage of life.

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