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Map your favorite vibrant places in Foursquare

Right, I'm a foursquare user. And I know I have used it as an example in other challenges as well, but here it is such a good fit again. The list functionality allows you to collect vibrant places and share them with the world.

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As an example, here's a list made by my friend Alex. The Riga Talk Walk guides you through one of the nicer parts of Riga. There are probably other examples out there, but this is a very easy and effective way to promote the vibrant hotspots in your town. Both for locals as for tourists.


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there are some new online features like that makes it possible to post an audio clip or short video of the location, in the exact location on the map.

Provides gateway to browse categorized facts about what you are interested in, for miniature vacation trip in your home town to rediscover your area again and again.
Makes perfect for a potential playground, to make it possible for perhaps setting up games and treasure hunts, to make more interactive real-world activities... :) are the most exciting, because it is one part of my old concept in ; where you could see on your phone a photo from the ancient archives of a historic building in the exact geographic position at which you stand on, and see old store signs, and old cars parked in the street, while you notice the new modern store and vehicle designs that are around you today.
A time machine in your pocket!
WOW, I am so proud that someone made reality of one of my ideas, (but do not claim they stole it from me) and thankful that I didn't have to do all the hard work to realize it :)

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Nice one Arjan – also makes me recall this Inspiration: Ripe for some kind of mash-up in the upcoming Concepting phase? Let's keep collecting insights and examples that might help drive innovative ideas on this participatory angle! ;^)

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Haha, exactly, Meena. That's why I built upon that. And now I see that in turn, this one has inspired Connie for another one! So I'm off to check that one out :)

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This is great, Arjan! As much as I enjoy wandering aimlessly around an unfamiliar city (assuming reasonable levels of safety, of course), I can never say no to somebody showing me the secrets of their city. Even if said local isn't present to guide you, at least having all of his/her hotspots on hand (& presumably tagged with his/her comments!) is the next best thing.

Actually, this inspires me with another inspiration....!

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Thanks for the note, Arjan! That is my goal indeed – to keep Riga vibrant, to make people learn more about places and take a walk that would make you talk :)

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Great, Alex! Next up: #cafesospeso :)