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Making a Living in Mumbai

The spirited people of Mumbai can provide inspiration for staying resilient under trying conditions.

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Growing up in Mumbai I was witness to people doing their best to survive and preserve their humanity under circumstances that most of us would buckle under in a few minutes.
Any place is only as good as the mettle of it's people. The spirited people of Mumbai can provide us with inspiration for staying resilient under trying conditions and the motivation to overcome any obstacles on our relatively privileged paths.

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the new landscape urbanisation in the third world - charles correa


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Thanks Avi for sharing this movie. I found it really interesting. You can guess the hardship of the lives of these people but they are indeed spirited. What really struck me was the fact that they like what they do as the woman who explained that she kept going to the market until she was 6 months pregnant. She seems to enjoy her life. There is also a sense of community: they go together and this is a shared journey where they chat and help each other. I guess there is also an element of routine: mother used to go with him and now we go, said one of the women. This was 25 years ago.

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I just want to highlight one more point: when I say she seems to like her life, I know this is a movie and there might be days where she is just tired and not smiling. However, I think there is a strong sense of meaning and purpose that comes out from this short movie.

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Anne-Laure, thanks for your sensitive observations.

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