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Lightweight soil is designed for rooftop urban gardens

Hardly a week goes by without our discovering some new urban gardening innovation, and this one is no exception. The spotting this time? CitySoil — a new, lightweight soil designed specifically for use in rooftop gardens.

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CitySoil, a newly launched product from a Canadian startup by the same name, is an eco-friendly, ultra-lightweight soil engineered for weight-restricted rooftop gardens and green roof installations. The soil is made from only natural and recycled components; it’s also fully recyclable. Featuring high wind resistance along with porosity and permeability, CitySoil offers a thriving growing medium for all types of vegetation without the need for heavy and expensive multilayer systems. Made up of mostly inorganic materials, the patented CitySoil formula also will not degrade or decompose over time.

By the year 2050, almost 80 percent of the earth’s population will reside in urban centers, CitySoil points out. How could your brand make agriculture in such settings better, easier or less expensive?


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Nice one, Gerard – and there's all kinds of avenues for inspiration here, including the possibility of innovative business models which could be built on top of a venture like this. Tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Update Entry button up there on the right, then follow the instructions here:

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I did it! yey! thanks!

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It makes me think about a rooftop garden in Quebec which is situated over a museum.
The interesting point about it is that the vegetables cultivated are used to make up dishes which are delivered to the elderly. The initiative is called La Popotte Mobile. Do you know the project?