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Know Thy Neighbor

Community revitalization starts with the people closest to you - and it doesn't need to cost a penny!

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"Somehow in our society it’s become completely acceptable to live side by side with people – driveway to driveway – for years and decades at a time, and not know each other. There’s no stigma attached to that; why is that?" - Peter Lovenheim

A good starting point for restoring vibrancy in cities is reversing the anti-social trends that have become commonplace in American cities over the last several decades. The best part is that building trust and fulfilling relationships with neighbors is cheap and easy!

  • Ring the doorbell and say hello.
  • Finally take your neighbor out for that beer you promised 5 years ago when you first moved in.
  • Utilize the oft-neglected front yard if you have one.
  • Host a potluck for neighbors on your street or in your apartment building.
  • If there's an activity you usually perform inside that can be easily taken to a community gathering space, try it there.
  • Bake cookies for your neighbors. Who doesn't like cookies?

Additional DIY community-building:

Five ways to strengthen your neighborhood:

Throw a neighborhood party:


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Lovely project. This is how people in Japan used to do but it has been going away. Would love to regain this customs.

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