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Innovative ways to decorate a community!

A creative and ecological way to decorate a public space. An old chair is used as a flower pot/vase outside a interior design store in Stockholm!

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As an interior design lover, I'm always attracted and absorbed by new ways to decorate a space. Stockholm is a beautiful city and very creative in this area. 

Yesterday I came across this old chair acting as a flower pot, just round the corner from my house, standing outside a home-ware shop. I thought it was so original and a simple way to recycle an old chair, and use flowers to brighten up any space!

I was inspired by this chair for this challenge, as I think it could trigger a bigger concept in the next phase, as a unique way to start  bringing vibrancy into a struggling neighborhood or city! 


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Lovely , Ana. So my question for you – and others here – is how might we encourage and inspire others to embrace the notion of beautifying their communities in ways such as this? Lots to think about as we consider these fab inspirations...

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Hi Meena, thanks for getting me thinking. I want to update this inspiration with an idea for that too, as this was a quick note of my inspiration from walking my neighborhood streets yest!

So, I think one idea could be to create a subsidized competition in a struggling community (by an art fund, or government), where there would be an incentive to collect unused house-ware objects, and people get a financial incentive too if they produce and deliver an object to beautify their community.The objects could be displayed in a rough area or street as art, and creating a little garden with these chairs as flower pots, for example !

I'll think of some more ways and update this inspiration.
Exciting challenge this one !

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Great idea buds here - I agree that there would need to be some sort of system in place to encourage engagement AND provide resources for implementing these types of revitalization/beautification initiatives - such as a system for people to donate goods for reuse, access for people to obtain those goods and workshops to inspire and encourage participation. A great example of a model for this could be