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Incubating Vibrancy to Unlock Restoration

Incubators create both efficiency and innovation by bring together leaders to solve problems and sharing resources (space, overhead, infrastructure, knowledge) to make them more lean. The Hub in San Francisco is a good example.

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The incubator model focused on solving the needs of declining cities could create a physical and economic focal point.

The incubators would need to focus on either: a) companies that can bring revenue into the city because they sell globally; b) solve problems in the city in a sustainable way.

I added that a local community bank should be part of a hub to get ideas of how to uncover newly vibrant neighborhoods and businesses to lend to.  I think if many of the innovations leveraged knowledge and needs of the banks, it would be a powerful synergy.


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The iHub in Nairobi offers different levels of membership, including a Green membership that offers free services to promising startups, which I think is important to lower the barrier to getting people working on projects.

I love the concept of how a community bank can be integrated! It reminded me - and this could be a variation of the different methods out there - of the Merry-Go-Rounds or Co-ops found in the microfinance sector, where all members chip in small amounts weekly, and lend it out to promising startups as either an investment or a loan (paid back with an affordable interest).

This is promising, and hope you will push it forward with Concepting!

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Thanks, I need to learn more about iHub!

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