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Green Roofs

Greening roofs in the Bronx has created jobs and communal space for residents while cutting heating/cooling costs, water run-off and 'the heat island effect.'

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The Bronx is host to major treatment plants and other industrial buildings that let off toxins. Green roofs have provided residents spaces to come together and enjoy clean air. And the benefits go on: job creation (construction and continued care), reducing water run-off, fighting the 'heat island effect' created by the concrete and asphalt that cover cities, cutting the heating and cooling costs for the building. NYC is even offering tax abatement to green roof structures. When the Bronx beings growing food on these roofs, they will begin to tackle the food desert (areas where fresh food is more than one mile away) problem! 

S. Bronx example:

Inspiring speech about 'greening the ghetto' by Majora Carter:


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I love that this is happening in the Bronx too. I just posted something similar about initiatives in Philadelphia and Cleveland. I wish I had seen this before I posted my inspiration...Is there away to connect my post to yours (or build off of it) after it has already been posted? Thanks for sharing.

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Great thinking Taylor and Katie to connect your inspirations together! You can do this via the Build Upon feature. Here's how: If you hit the Update button on the right of your post you can go in and add each others post in your Build Upon section. This helps us all join the dots between related posts and will show up on your Collaboration Map for this post. Plus you'll get more DQ points! :)

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Hi Ashley, I also want to link inspirations after the fact but I tried your instructions and the drag function on the build feature didn't work for me.

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Hi Jackie, I just sent you a note via our help desk to walk you through the steps. Let us know if you still run into trouble.

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