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Do poverty and revitalization work together?

I recently moved to San Francisco into a community that is in transition. While I love "trendy" feel to the neighborhood, where do those who used to live here go? How can we revitalize without forcing people away?

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Just thoughts I've had since moving to San Francisco. I went to grad school in Boston, a city that has no rent control, and a local lamented to me that when the city felt that it needed to "upgrade" a neighborhood it would simply raise rent and force those who did not have the means out of the community by default.

Now that I live in San Francisco in a community that is in a transformation, it's been on my mind. Does a thriving, vibrant community mean that those in a low socioeconomic status must move out? How can we ensure that it's harmony within a community, and we're not simply shifting around those who do not have the means? I love my new community, but it's quite obvious that those who have more money have moved in and it's now considered "up and coming."

How do we make a community shine without buffing everything out? Do our solutions to this challenge keep these vulnerable populations in mind?


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I had the same concern, Amanda. Maybe there should be an evaluation criterion around gentrification when we get to the Evaluation stage of this challenge?

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