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Community Kitchen

In a community kitchen one person cooks for the neighborhood. This helps to connect neighbors with each others and builds the community. What used to be a socialistic relic now becomes more and more famous among Berlin students and trendsetting bars.

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I'm from Berlin, Germany. In the eastern part of the city lives an active and growing community of communal kitchens. It's a relic of socialist GDR times that's becoming hip among young people again.

What used to be necessary due to the lack of own kitchens now serves a social purpose in trendy bars: Once a week, one person cooks a huge amount of food and all others are invited to eat. There is only one meal a week. This is how it works:

The bar owner sets up a list where volunteers can sign up to cook. They present a list of ingredients they need and the bar owners does the shopping. The cook cooks and by 8pm lots of hungry students who are too lazy to cook for themselves or are just looking for other people flock in to eat (& drink). Everybody may pay as much as he/she can and how much he/she values the food. There is a guiding price, but if it tastes good people pay more so the owner makes money (plus the drinks, plus people staying for even more drinks).

This, by being voluntary, helps to build the community, to get people connect with each other, exchange recipes and other stories. Also, it gives an answer to an even more basic question: “What shall I have for dinner tonight?”.

I’m looking forward to every Wednesday, when I have dinner with my neighborhood.


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Meals have always been a connecting point for family households, and Berlin seems to be widening the definition of family to involve the neighborhood community.

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