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Chennai Women Auto-rickshaw Drivers as Engines of Social Development

Chennai's Women Auto-rickshaw Drivers are Engines of Social Development

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Chennai's Women Auto-rickshaw Drivers are engines of social development.


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What a sadness that there is no English translation.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Avi – perhaps you'd like to summarise the key points so that others can better engage with the inspiration on this one? We tend to find that videos posted together with a summary of the insights they contain are more likely to trigger collaborative conversations. You can read more of our Inspiration phase tips here:

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Meena - you know that I have a tendency towards the laconic:)

Photo of Meena Kadri

Maybe we should call it 'collaboratively concise' ;^) And you know that I have a tendency towards bossing everyone around with the very best of intentions. I'm usually keen to get more folks talking about all the awesomeness you post – thanks for putting up with my rabble-rousing repetitions ;^)

Photo of Avi Solomon

I know you have the best intentions - I'm just lazy:)
I had the following considerations behind this inspiration:
-Women have the best ROI in struggling neighborhoods - unlike men, they're not liable to waste their hard-earned money at the slum bar drinking bootleg whiskey!
-Giving women control over local transportation will kickstart local business and social development while giving them prestige in a usually made-dominated profession.

Photo of Avi Solomon

...male-dominated profession:)

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Well in my country as in many others the banks and government have display a special support for entreprenuer women: financing, tax discount, etc. However, this can be sexist and even discriminating in some cases, perhaps not in most cases. But their might some guys that need those incentives to.