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Bogota's Ciclovias: A Model For Job Creation, Community Building & Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

Every Sunday and Holiday 2 million people in Bogota converge on 70 miles of car-free streets to bike, run, walk and enjoy life. The practice has created jobs, fostered healthy living, aided in decreasing violence and built community.

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Every Sunday and holiday Bogota closes down 70 miles of streets in its city to cars. More than 2 million residents come out to bike, run, walk and enjoy time together.

The practice has created jobs in the city. Additionally it has fostered an environment where rich and poor alike converge on an even playing field. 

While Bogota was the first city to implement this program in the 70s, the revamped program since 2008 has made a big difference when it comes to building a safer city to encourage locals to enjoy their community spaces as well as encourage tourists to visit. 

The Ciclovias have " been shown to have multiple effects on public health at individuals, environmental and policy levels" and as such are a perfect vehicle when looking at the revitalization of a city. 

Several cities in The Americas have implemented the practice with great success


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Hi Cris... I was thinking what would be creating a:

(a) thematic ciclovias changing every certain period of time... i.e monthly. The current ciclovias run in fixed paths, but what if they were "mobile" (different each time), following thematic routes (like the current Night Xmas Ciclovia). i.e. museums, libraries, galleries, or gastronomic routes... thus, the related business could show their products and services, as it happens in a "regular" ciclovia. And on the other hand, you will "force" people to know other areas of the city than the common ones.

(b) Or a "gymkhana ciclovia"? The more you pedal or walk, the more points or bonus you get, following a "route map".

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