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Apprenticeships for enhancing skilled workers

Tim Brown of IDEO had a short interview with NPR, reviewing what he saw as an opportunity to improve the 'skills gap' in the US. By having people learn through tacit/explicit learning, we can build a more capable workforce, and enable new careers.

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The beauty of this to me is that it's a community investment. To take unskilled, and make them skilled, without costly colleges that don't always promise a job. The process of learning is therefore tighter wound in the feedback loop between learning and productive outcome. It's a little strange to add Tim Brown as inspiration to an IDEO project, I thought it might spark more concepts to add it. Its about the concept, and how we can reapply this logic as needed. 


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Training all youth--not just the voc. ed. students-- via an apprenticeship model is so important, since many of the skills learned in this setting are actually transferable (i.e., problem-solving skills, communication skills, innovation, and people skills). I think we (at least in America) need to move away from thinking that apprenticeship training is just for certain types (i.e., non-university) of students.

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