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AISE Creative Capacity Building Workshop

Creative Capacity Building workshop in Nadosoito village with facilitators from the AISE (Accelerating Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship) center.

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Not only developing appropriate technology, MIT D-lab is working for creative capacity building. 

To get the villagers thinking creatively about addressing some of their own problems and concerns, MIT D-lab posed a challenge for them: They were asked to engineer a way, using just two sheets of ordinary paper, to support several ears of corn up off the ground.

For the workshop participants — rural people being relocated back to their small, remote villages after more than a decade interned in camps for those displaced by Uganda’s internal warfare — the challenge was daunting at first. But they quickly took to it, devising a great variety of clever ways to support the corn with cylinders, cones and cups made by folding (no gluing or cutting allowed) the sheets of paper. Right away, they began to feel more capable, and more ready for their next challenges.


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