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A World's Fair Dedicated to Failing Harder

Temporary urbanism--or pop-up shops--provides a great living laboratory to test what could work and what might not. What if Detroit hosted a world expo to invite and share audacious ideas to revitalize cities everywhere?

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Detroit is built on the failure of some of the biggest brands, but what if it's success was defined by the failures and successes of some of the smallest and least known? Pop-up shops invite radical and experimental thinkers to fail hard and fast with ideas to use small spaces temporarily. Using vacant spaces as test kitchens, Detroit could create a mini-Disney land of new ideas focused around a World's Expo. These laboratories could serve as the exhibits for the Expo and truly help brand innovation as an idea exported from Detroit.

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I LOVE this concept for pushing the notion that failure is good, and people have a safe space to take the leap and feel ok if what they iterate the first time doesn't work out.

Too often entrepreneurs feel under pressure with the notion of "achievement" and "success" and that fear itself can be immobilizing from even starting a project.

I really would be interested to see this concept pushed forward.