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'Free Food' can be very appealing ..

I work as an Engineer and make decent money. But, let me tell you a secret.. I love free food, we love free food! At cafeteria, at the meetings, in the college.. I believe that free food has the potential to invite and engage people!

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I live in west Michigan and sometimes experience the slow, non-vibrant life. Last year, I came across this event organized in Grand Rapids called 'Taste of Grand Rapids'. It was a 2 day event consisting of live music and a barbecue competition. There were a number of local restaurants which participated in the event and they had brought along to the table some of their special dishes. 
Although the event did not offer any free food, the idea that food and music can get the people out of their homes was promising enough. I think the idea could potentially apply to certain regions around the city which are considered non-vibrant and lackluster.
I understand that free food directly affects the motive of the business, but with a smart strategy (e.g. first dish on the house) local businesses can do well and meet their target customers in an effective way at such events. 

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Cheers for the Inspiration, (Adwait! Here's a quick tip: we're starting to see related inspirations around food and you might want to connect them to your post using the Build Upon feature. This helps us all join the dots between related posts and will show up on your Collaboration Map for this post. Plus you'll get more DQ points!. Hit the Update button on the right of your post, then scroll down to Build Upon. Search terms like 'food' and drag anything relevant over to your Build Upon field. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the tip!