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The green flash of tomorrow

Create a symbol for green change and rebrand the city

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Create a two-part symbol for a green change. The first part is a greenhouse globe(The Globe Garden) for growing seedlings. The second part is a festival where a core group of people go out and plant these seedlings around the city, and also invite everybody else in to participate. The participants could even get to name the seedlings they plant. This will be the beginning of the festivities and will happend once a year. It will create an abstract symbol for a better tomorrow, together with a landmark and a festival/market that attracts tourists. The festivities will be held in August and will be a boost to the local businesses. This is all part of a rebranding process and to foster the feeling of community and belonging. We will also encurage and build up a green industry around this symbol, incorporating both production and research. 

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

This idea could easly be scaled across the world. At its core the idea is very simple and you can adapt it to fit the need for that particular place. The globe garden could be replaced with something else, maybe a building or place that already exist.

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