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TEDxLocalGov - Ideas Worth Spreading... to local government

TEDxLocalGov aims to connect social innovators who have ideas on improving public services & infrastructure with local government, offering innovators the opportunity to pitch their ideas, and local government the ability to buy/support them.

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With government budget cuts occurring, TEDxLocalGov empowers citizens to help build the vibrancy back into their cities through supporting local creatives and innovators to innovate the city's public services and civic infrastructure.

Held in a major city, politicians and municipal staff from the local government's in the region or state will be invited to this 1 day event. Social entrepreneurs will apply to present at TEDxLocalGov, the criteria -
- Ideas needs to deliver improved city infrastructure or public sector services 
- Presenters need to have been prototyped the idea
- Presenters  need to have some ideas of what support is needed to implement the idea

Local government is then able to 'buy' an idea through investment and support. This support can come in many forms (not just monetary) including office space, knowledge, resources, expertise and funding.

Through government investing in great ideas, new and innovative bottom up methods for delivering needed public infrastructure is implemented, and social entrepreneurs are able to get their ideas into the real world.

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

People: - Representatives from local government are needed to organise the TED event - Local government reps need to form connections with the local social innovation community and local creative community to put the call out for presenters - A range of social entrepreneurs and creative innovators need to be well represented Money: - Local government needs the resources to 'buy' an idea, either through money or other means of support Time: - Local government representatives need the support from their councils and the time to organise the event so that it is successful.

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

TEDxLocalGov is not place specific and can happen anywhere. It is low tech and, like TEDx, does not take a huge amount of resources to get started - a venue, presentation tools (see's awesome TED x in a box!) and passionate people from both the public and private sectors. The idea would need to be prototyped in one city first, so that learnings can be passed on to other city's wanting to hold their own TEDx. A network of city's who are interested could be built up online so that failures, successes and ideas could be easily shared globally.


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Very cool idea, Charlotte. The TED platform attracts great creative, forward thinking ideas and it could be a great thing to leverage if you do use TEDx. In addition to pitching great new ideas for the city to government members and asking them to buy in, this is a great opportunity to keep mixed in a healthy dose of presentations that educate local gov't members about "ideas worth spreading" in local government that are in practice around the world.

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Nice comment, Dave - many of the innovations presented will probably be replicable/scalable. I wonder if there also might be a retrospective update created for attendees and the community - to help build the business case for continued support/adaptation.

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