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Rebuild - Educate, Restore, and Reclaim your community

The removal of apprenticeship in America has created a large scarcity in skilled labor in relation to the number of houses. Rebuild will apply this shortage of skilled apprentiships to create a plan that benifits local nieghborhoods in 3 ways:

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With the removal of apprenticeship in America over the last 100 years, there has been a large scarcity in skilled labor. Rebuild will seek to apply this shortage of skilled apprentiships to create a plan that benifits local nieghborhoods in 3 ways.

1. Local members will be given the opportunity to learn a skilled craft and recieve payment while under the tutorial process.

2. Skilled laborers (Plummers, Electricians, Carpenders, etc.) currently out of a job in the economic market will be hired to educate the attendees.

3. Property owners and public domain can pay littler (or nothing) to have their abandoned or buildings in disrepair fixed.

This process aids in the healing process of cities in economic decline by educating (education of skilled laborers), restoring (improvement of exsisting structures), and reclaiming (preserving local landmarks and strengthening community bonds).

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

This 3 step process teaches a new generation of skilled laborers a craft that they may then be able to utilize to provide in their own career. The process also employs currently skilled laborers giving those who most need the money a chance to get off government supported programs. Finally this allows for property holders to have a relatively cheap means to repair and improve their value on properties they hold in need of renovations.

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

The small organization needed to tie together the needed people currently seeking employment and restoration is the largest part in implementing this plan. Another thought is to allow community members to elect buildings they think deserve the to be renovated first.

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

This process may be scaled as large as need be with limited organizational materials needed.

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So many places around the U.S. could desperately use a program like this. However, I think the locations that would most benefit from this would not be anywhere near the U.S.-Mexican border. I've lived here in the Southwest for most of my life and have become familiar with the fact that companies tend to hire skilled Mexican laborers for lower rates and refuse to take on regular apprentices/refuse to pay them living wages. These skilled jobs will always be in need and will always require a properly trained individual. Half the battle is acquiring an apprenticeship... so my hope would be that after they are accepted into one, they'll fall in love with the trade after seeing how financially beneficial the skills are... so they'll remain in the trade long-term. Long-term job stability... quite a nice thing to aspire to have these days!