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Re-branding street signs with symbolic stickers

Street signs are often taken for granted, but they are a vital part of the city and its identity. I therefor suggest a re-branding of street signs, so they represent the values & visions of the city. One could make symbolic stickers as a prototype

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Some of my favorite Danish design is the street signs in Gentofte (suburb of Copenhagen), where a small, red heart has been designed as the "dot over the i" and added to the font at all the street signs. This subtle, minimal design builds local identify in a very stylish and humane way.

The idea would could easily be picked up by other cities -and build upon it. An entire city or an area of a city could for instance decide on a small symbol which will represent and unite them (ex. a green leaf, if the city wants to become more environmentally sustainable)

Changing all street signs could become quite expensive - but one could prototype the concept by adding stickers to street signs - at the top of the "i"

One could also imagine that a new sticker is created every month - by the local community. The design and the decision making process could become an inclusive process, which helps build local identity

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

- A graphic designer - A printing company - Permission from the local authorities to place stickers at street signs - PR campaign to tell the story

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

- Get a local designer to create a symbol, which can be made into small stickers and placed at street signs.


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Sorry I didn't manage to find this in time for applause phase.
Will add it to my bookmarks as I suspect it may come in useful again.
Reminded me a little of my idea to add vision statements to the city welcome signs. Have also had the thought that Q-codes could be included to provide links to the importance of the street to the city's future.
Will also see if any of the short-listed concepts could be enhanced by incorporating this concept.

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