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MiiBuzz - spread the word through mobile phones

Spreading the word through mobile phones about local services/product offerings; 'MiiBuzz' was a concept that was developed during my days in Hexolabs; miibuzz allows mobile users to create a website without any knowledge of web technology

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The concept will help the small sellers and service provides in cities and regions promote themselves and get noticed. This would help increase their revenue. Once there is flow of money in the hands of people the cities and regions themselves restore to their best.

During crisis, the flow of money decreases and even worse for people who have already less money flow in their hands.

Enabling small business, in a time where the big giants and established players are becoming their competitors is necessary in the near future where it is evident that many of these small players are going to lose their share of the business to the bigger players(Example the 'kirana stores' - local grocery stores to the big super markets by bigger super markets)

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

Technology becomes the key for the concept and adoption of open source becomes the prime advantage; But we are still not there where everybody owns the same phones with the same operating system - the android of the future; hence the challenge becomes to develop different applications for the different phones, which increases the cost and the time. Even text based - SMS/Voice based systems have to be developed that target the people who don't come in the ecosystem

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

Work with the existing Value Added Service developers and create a working quick prototype and take it to the network service providers

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

Taking it to the major telecom players and their trust and belief in the system would help pan the solution across the world with their international presence; "Global Mobile Networks - tapping into it is the key"
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Miibuzz - in depth


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What I like about this is that it feels similar to mesh networking (which uses mobile devices as infrastructure in insecure communication situations) in making technology useful when it otherwise wouldn't be...

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Yes.. With mobile phones its even tricky.. its in the hands of almost everyone, but the good that people envision it could do, isn't accomplished yet.

In the concept, one of the core idea is that smart phones or near to smart phones could do some social good by promoting small business by helping them get into the social web. If you have a favorite shop, that is good and what do spread the world. You just have to click a picture, add some quick details and you have done some good..

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