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low investement startups- example VENTURE BONSAI

An individual with interest can start growing Bonsia’s suitable in that area.Grow the venture and generate revenue.

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Based on the principle of

Identify : For example – a total of 10 products can be grown in that particular city over a duration of one year.

Quantify : First sell it to people locally , teach maintenance and other skills. On an average every household can grow 5 plants each of same or different products. The unused terraces, plots, parks could be converted for teaching /skill building/ maintenance /marketing of these plants.

Multiply : Number of households in Detroit @ 298,845, @ 60 % efficiency –the total yield could be

5 X 5 (fruits per plant) X60 % of 298845 =44,82,675( numbers would be the production)

10 products @ 4 lakh of each product kind.

Supply : Identify the markets and supply to common areas using common vehicle and resource sharing for transportation .

The same would allow people to interact, share, celebrate, will establish an identity and generate revenue.

* for number of households

Number of Households, by Census Block Group (2008)
Detroit, Michigan

City of Detroit (2008)
Total Number of Households: 298,845
64.5% of HHs are Family Households and
35.5% of HHs are Nonfamily Households

Sources: Claritas;
Data Driven Detroit 4/20/2010

venture bonsai images courtesy google.

Inspiration :- Link to the  local entrepreneur work , Sejal Shah, Gujarat, India. She has been cultivating bonsai plants in her garden which yields like indian spices,orange, lime, cloves etc.

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

initial capital investement full time commitment by the entrepreneur hire /emply local people and train them. use website / hoardings for marketing , collect people in unused spaces, open spaces , hold classes, train /teach and display products. open /semi open/covered spaces to market and hold other activities.

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

partner with established individuals for my locality , learn and be trained for a duration . practice the same in house and start to expand and grow the venture .

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

inform people about the benefits of same. encourage them to not only buy but learn and grow in their own houses. adopt collaborative methods to share and generate revenue at community level.

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