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Lego Rapid Prototyping Tool for Participatory Urban Neighborhood Design

Lego Rapid Prototyping Tool for Participatory Urban Neighborhood Design (#LRPTPUND) allows any community to quickly visualize the existing situation and mockup future ideal solutions.

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Lego Rapid Prototyping Tool for Participatory Urban Neighborhood Design ( #LRPTPUND) allows any community to quickly visualize the existing situation and mockup future ideal solutions. This democratic, participatory process is the first step in making a better future real.

Completed designs can be shared on crowdsourcing sites like Lego Cuusoo, Kiva City or Kickstarter for support, tracking and funding.

Free Lego Mosaic Making Tools:
Google Maps for Satellite Views of the Neighborhood
LEGO Photo

Optional Lego Kit:
Lego Serious Play

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

Lego Mosaic Making Tools, Lego Bricks, Eager Neighborhood Residents (of all ages).

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

The Lego mosaic making tools are free and lego bricks are pretty much universally found. AFOLs can volunteer to be workshop organizers.
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Lego Serious Play Core Process Imaginopedia


User Requirements with Lego

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Lego Serious Play for Participatory Neighborhood Design

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I really like the idea of using Lego Serious Play. Let the people in the neighborhood build and learn while they are revitalizing their city.

Maybe you can only use the basic principle of the LSP and use materials (cardboard, wood, paper, foam or recycled materials) that are found in the neighborhood?

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