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Foster an economic shift to a post-Fordist city - from industrial cities to sustainable urbanism

Encourage a shift toward small-scale community-led green enterprise through adaptive re-use of low-cost buildings combined with low-interest micro loans initiated through a green business enterprise group to fund eco-home industry.

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Property management and seed funding will help remove traditional barriers to small scale eco-industry and encourage people to explore sustainable enterprise while improving community quality of life by encouraging non-pollution small scale industry and community improvement projects. For example, this may help encourage community groups such as not-for-profit public realm repair and enhancement - ‘green-houses’ - that could foster community nurseries and act as local hubs for urban agriculture to help provide local information, seed banks, tools and support to urban agriculture within private and public land holdings. This would address the related issues of ‘food deserts’, high cost of nutritious food, food security while also contributing to community building. Community houses would serve as ‘sustainability improvement district’ hubs – a site for the creation of local partnerships much in the vein of ‘business improvement districts’ but with an emphasis on community led sustainability as opposed to an economic emphasis.

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

Seed funding for loans and property lease/purchase would be required. Partnerships with property owners and local councils will be needed. The creation of a central support organization or board comprised of partners would help with the co-ordination of groups to bring about change while website and social media would be useful for ‘recruiting’ citizens/participants.

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

Development of an information campaign to build support and to help co-ordinate between stakeholders and to build a community of interested citizens.

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

The governance and financing models could be open source to encourage replication in other locations.

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