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Change a Space Over Night!

Take one abandoned or mismanaged space and get the community together to change it over night. The new space will have seating, greenscaping and opportunities for the community to make it their own!

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A previously ignored eye-sight can make a huge difference if it is clean and available to everyone to shape and fill a purpose. If a space was dismantled or ignored for economic reasons, a few changes can clean the slate for passersby to visualize what it might be able to do for them. Maybe they see a place to sell their crafts, maybe a place to practice yoga and bring together a club. Maybe all it needed was shade. Instead of a dragged out and over complex renovation, how about a simple reinvigoration? If this space is transformed in a short time it would be telling to see how the community responds and embraces this place that is now their own. It may be temporary or may grow into a permanent attraction, but rather than being ignored the space is brought to life! 
Here is an example of where it is happening!

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

Permission from owners would be required but if some manual labor will essentially beautify the space in the meantime would likely be a great incentive. A small to large group of volunteers would be required to perform the beautification, and a long term small team of individuals would be needed to identify and approach owners about interest in the space. The most important part would be starting the movement for everyone to move in. If someone sets up the first place in a row of shops is that enough to start the market? Or if someone makes a drop box for donation trees to plant will people join in to place them? Each space will identify its own potential but the collaboration of the community to make it their own would require varied resources.

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

There are a lot of projects like this already! We could connect these projects and spark ideas for your city!

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

If the core team was able to view and approach spaces globally, it would be possible to start the "space movement" anywhere. There can be a space movement starter kit of instructions to make it possible in your community. Maybe the core team could reach out to make the calls to the landowners to plant the seed for it to start but the website could find city leaders to take over once the space is selected. There could even be a nomination site where individuals could propose an eyesore they hope to see transform in their community.


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This is a great opportunity for converting the spaces mismanaged. Even in the most congested urban areas, space is mismanaged or utilized. If we see from space, most of the urban space is open i.e., majority of the roof tops of buildings are vacant and unused. These give an opportunity for Urban gardens, recreation, etc. So many people and spaces but people live in isolation.

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