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7 Wonders of How We Reclaim Our Environment

Find the 7 most creative examples of how we reclaim our environment with an online competition and campaign, provide guided tours for these 7 wonders and toolkits to encourage people around the world to create their own local 7 wonders.

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The idea includes the following:

1. Submission phase to the online competition where anyone can submit examples of already implemented low-cost ways of how we reclaim our environment under the following seven categories:
- Unused buildings refurbished and reoccupied
- Buildings redecorated that were used previously
- Alleys, streets and other public places covered in concrete that were revamped
- Forgotten green areas that did not used to be maintained and are now re/energized
- Empty lots that lacked greenery transformed into green areas
- Objects like trash cans, electricity boxes, letter boxes, lamp posts, traffic lights and other objects that were beautified
- Other

2. Public voting to determine The 7 Wonders of How We Reclaim Our Environment, so one in each category.

3. Campaign to promote / advertise The 7 Wonders of How We Reclaim Our Environment on a dedicated website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter by organizers and submitters of the potential wonders themselves. The goal of marketing these wonders would be to bring awareness to people that these examples exist and by doing so trigger people around the world do similar things, as well as, to encourage people to travel and visit The 7 Wonders of How We Reclaim Our Environment. (Perhaps an online toolkit could be added too to help people do similar things in their own home towns.)

4. Guided tours provided by local volunteers, submitters and creators of The 7 Wonders of How We Reclaim Our Environment. There could be a small entrance fee for these tours and proceedings could be reinvested in the community or to maintain the wonders. The goal with the guided tours would be to educate people of how the wonder was realized, to inspire visitors and teach them how they could transform their own communities and create their own local wonders. (Perhaps a small toolkit such as paint and brush could be given to visitors so they can go home and start painting their alleys, etc.)

5. The 7 Wonders of How We Stockholmers Reclaim Our Environment and similar local activities that could be established by people who read about the 7 wonders or who visited them. These would be so-called local grass-root 7 wonder initiatives.

The photos are for four of the categories. Help me find three more for the remaining ones (Forgotten green areas / Empty lots / Other). Thanks! :)

What resources (money, time, people, technology, etc) will your concept need to be successful?

- Project Manager and team of 2 to the set up of the competition, come up with toolkits and do advertisement for the winners - Web designers to put together a website for the competition and later on to promote the winners, or in a low-cost version a simple Facebook page could be used for this - Material for the toolkits given to visitors (paint, brushes, brochure on what to do with them) A way to make it cheaper is to ask the submitters create a video with voiceover and a brochure. that could be used during the guided tours. (I will try to add some more time and cost estimates, need to think a little more about them)

What steps could you take to implement this idea today?

Easy way to kick it off that can be done today is create a Facebook page with 7 photo albums where anyone can upload photos of such examples. Important to advertise this website perhaps for 1-2 months while people can submit the examples. Then set out a time frame for voting when enough people became fans of the Facebook page. After determining the winners advertise them on the Facebook page, perhaps one at a time. Establish contact with the creators / submitters to see what are the next steps to provide local guided tours.

How can your idea be scaled so that it's implemented in cities around the world?

My goal would be to have wonders from all over the place in the competition right from the very beginning and then trigger people to localize it by providing them online toolkits or other non-online toolkits as the paint and brushes to go out claim their own environment back. The marketing of the 7 wonders is of course essential for this and we could ask people who do it locally to use the logo of The 7 Wonders How We Reclaim Our Environment when they do something in their communities to do some extra viral marketing for the initiative. Maybe we could also ask them to take photos of the local initiatives and upload them on our website and we could give them some publicity in return.


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Photo of Jeroen Spoelstra

Inspiring concept! I really like the idea that one or more wonders from the other side of the world could be used in my own neighborhood. Which makes this a true global concept!

Photo of Szilvia Varga

Thanks! Glad that you like it :)

Photo of Johan Löfström

Creativity knows no borders! and the Earth without ART is just "Eh?" :D

Photo of Szilvia Varga

So true =)

Photo of Jeroen Spoelstra

when do we start:)?

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