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Robot Bugs

Different insects/animals have their own exceptional ability to sense stimuli and move around. We should learn from insects/animals and create smarter robots for executing dangerous missions.

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A lot of research works have been done to study the sense mechanism or mobility mechanism of different insects and animals. In order to reduce the risks of exploring danger, robot bugs could be useful to collect information or receive signal of danger.

Reference: "Bee brains help to make robots smarter"


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Photo of David Burbidge

Your title reminded me of he hunger games. haha. My father is an avid bee keeper and cowboy. Animals really have an odd understanding of circumstances. How do you thing we could use that to our advantage?

Photo of Emily Au

Hi David. That's nice to know your father is a bee keeper. Regarding your questions, since this is a robot, so artifical intelligent could be built in. Different from the real animal, the robot bug is the predictive device to help people to perform some missions. Also, the apperance of this robot bug is important. If it looks very similar as the really bug/animal, then people will not discover this. However, if we want to perform some advanced functions which require a lot of electronics, then the size of this robot may need to get bigger. What do you think?

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