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Infographics and informative maps

In general: Make critical information more accessible, e.g. with customized maps and infographics.

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Nowadays it’s easy to generate good looking, poster-like infographics. Good and informative graphics get shared quickly because they are nice to look at and provide a fast input of information. 
I think the more we use attractive – but appropriate styled – graphics to display unpleasant facts, the more people will take notice. That sounds easy but maybe we just have to start here, because it is easy.

Same thing with maps; with excellent tools like it’s not too complicate to create outstanding maps with a huge amount of information.
What are we doing when we are traveling to a new country? Or when we can not travel to this country but want/need information about it? First thing in most cases is: We look on a map!
Interactive, modern maps and map services can show detailed, location based information in a direct and at the same time unobtrusive way. The more people use these new services to show where news come from, the more people will recognize it.

The point is to create awareness with tools and possibilities that develop very fast (and didn’t even exist some time ago) and get more and more popular. Especially for people like us (designers, bloggers, etc.) it is important to tell about that possibilities and that everybody can use it respectively can create awareness.

mapbox-screenshot taken from here

NY Times graphic taken from here


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Here is a fantastic example of well done infographics to back up your inspiration!

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