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Color Smoke

This inspiration is about smoke color coding method.

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This idea is inspired by the recent news. The papal conclave of 2013 was convened to elect a pope. White smoke was seen emanating from the Sistine Chapel chimney on 13March. The color of smoke has been coded as specific meaning, which known by everybody.  Communication can be as simple as that!


As the same time, this idea is inspired by “F-L-O-A-T: kites to gather and display information” posted by Anne-Laure Fayard. I totally agree with four requirements mentioned at the end of her inspiration (/open/usaid-humanity-united/inspiration/f-l-o-a-t)

This submission at least fulfills two of them: “simple technology” and “using the sky as a displayand codes”


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Smoke signals are also still used to communicate short messages during some military missions:

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Hi Anna. Right. This is still used as a rescue signal, which I also saw in some movies/TV shows (e.g. LOST). Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and I just read your two new posts. I think they are in line with my intent of this post

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