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Virtual Infrared Crop Signs

IRDC2 - IR Fluorescent Powder Is highly fluorescent at both 880nm and 1050nm when stimulated with a 450nm and 630nm light source, there could be a way to use this material as a flare seen only from above by satellite.

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Infrared Light which could not be seen by the naked eye, but is visible through a camera maybe visible from above by a satellite or drone, use IRDC2 - IR Fluorescent Powder like a flare or bug bomb type device.  Since “violence is not entirely spontaneous and is usually incited or orchestrated by local or national political figures, often either state officials, politicians, or local leaders of different varieties (religious, ethnic, clan, etc.). Attacks are often religious or ethnic in nature and can be triggered by a variety of national and local events.” There is the possibility to use the flare in advance of an event when those on the ground become aware of a potential attacked based on growing socio political or religious ethnic tensions in the region.<o:p></o:p>

How does your idea gather AND verify information? How does your idea keep those who use it safe?

This would likely have to be a preemptive measure, a kind of virtual crop sign that could make others aware of a pending problem, without attracting the attention of the potential predator.

How might your idea be designed to scale and spread to help as many people as possible?

I think IR Flares are used on fighter Jets as a counter measure for heat seeking devices. I am not sure if the idea has been transferred to a material or substance that can be used like a crop sign.

How might your idea make use of exisiting technology? Has your idea been tried in a different or related context?

There are some IR materials that are used for paint products that may be available to use in a test or prototype application.

How could you begin prototyping this idea in a simple way to begin testing and refining it? Who would use your idea and/or who is using it now? Is your idea technically easy medium or hard to implement?

To Prototype, using a COTS product create a power and deliver system (compressed air or gas) and apply in in a known area. Work with a commercial satellite company or government to teat photograph the area for results.

How is your idea adapted for conditions in hard-to-access areas, such as lack of internet and mobile access? Can users adopt it without much behavior change?

A simple canister device that could carried in like an aerosol can, and deployed with a simple trigger of several kinds.


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Really like this idea of sending covert crop signals into outer space to send a warning - definitely a novel way of sending an SOS.

Do you know how much area a satellite can cover in a day? The receipt of the sent signal would take some time - the time it takes for the satellite to scan the field and for the circle to then be identified on the imagery. That would probably need to be automated.

Thanks for posting,
- Lee

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