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Signalling schools

However we choose a method of signalling, citizens will need to feel confident and knowledgable in sending a signal.

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Whether a signal is a light, some form of secret code, some embedded technology on a phone or a gestural alarm dance, it's likely that they'll be lots of cultural nuances and differences in an approach.
Much in the same way that someone needs to learn how to read and write, understand morse code, or be able to clearly communicate diving gestures.
I think a clearly branded schooling system or team of people or kit that can be sent into communities does a few things;

1. Raises internal awareness of issues
2. Through role-playing, breaks down a potential level of anxiety through fun/play
3. Increases confidence that victims voices can potentially be heard, which subsequently acts as a deterrent to perpetrators.

How does your idea gather AND verify information? How does your idea keep those who use it safe?

It's really a form of internal and community education. Communities can design their own systems through inspiration and designed frameworks.

How might your idea be designed to scale and spread to help as many people as possible?

Using a guide and principle toolkit that allows pillars in communities to aid their friends and family. The guide would be able to access digitally and printed packs could be sent in to communities. (hidden inside other deliveries if necessary).

How might your idea make use of exisiting technology? Has your idea been tried in a different or related context?

This idea is a low tech approach that relies on designing an educational support system. Ideally, a clear and helpful website that can carry training and teaching materials in multiple languages would be made.

How could you begin prototyping this idea in a simple way to begin testing and refining it? Who would use your idea and/or who is using it now? Is your idea technically easy medium or hard to implement?

This idea would thrive and live from prototyping workshops. It would be vital to have a feedback mechanism that can allow teachers and workshop trainers to submit their feedback and teaching styles to others in online and offline communities.

How is your idea adapted for conditions in hard-to-access areas, such as lack of internet and mobile access? Can users adopt it without much behavior change?

It would be important to find a way of discovering trustworthy mentors in communities. This could be harder without technology, but word of mouth could still work.


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Hello karl!!!I really love your idea:)
and I think it could work together with mine.
why don't you take a look to it:

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