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Atrocity Crimes Reporting Kit

An on-the-ground tool for civilians/communities experiencing atrocity crimes to report anonymously while provide location-specific information and the type of crimes being committed.

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1. A symbol-based system for atrocity crimes allows for quick categorization and easy reporting (iconathan at The Noun Project?

2. List of pre-determined keywords/tags allows for unified and detailed descriptions of the crimes (in English as well as local languages)

3. Civilian reporters remain anonymous

4. Location-specific: name of village, city or territory included on the kit

5. Evidence collection could be possible depends on available technology (photographs, videos)

The Reporting Kit


Report cards in crime categories, including keywords and locations so the civilian reporter can quickly and easily check all applicable options from the list.

Secure, weather proof enclosure for transport.

Pre-programmed device/mobile app

During my research of crime reporting methods I came across this article about CrimePush, a crime-reporting and personal safety app currently available in Washington D.C. An expanded "Atrocity Crimes Edition" could be useful where cell/internet connection is available.

The kit/app will be distributed by government agencies, NGOs, exiting distribution network of corporations, NGO local contacts, area merchants, or trusted head of communities.

Collected information through physical kit can be returned via the same distribution method (reward/incentive might be necessary in some cases), and/or pre-installed secured collection sites.

Information can then be accessed by, and integrated into, existing government or NGO networks, or crowdsourced crisis tracker such as LRA Crisis Tracker, for better response.

This method provides an opportunity for the civilians to not only report their experience, but also gain understanding of the crimes against their community.

How does your idea gather AND verify information? How does your idea keep those who use it safe?

Information will come directly from the affected individual, or someone she/he is close to, or a witness. It is possible for false reporting. The report is anonymous so the civilian can remain safe.

How might your idea be designed to scale and spread to help as many people as possible?

The reporting kit can be produced and distributed via many existing networks/channels for maximum reach. The app can be downloaded where cell/internet access is available, with some restrictions (so the bad guys don't spread false information).


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