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Turning Garbage Into Trees

How will 30 scavenger families & 1 dumpsite create 15,000 jobs, a livelihood to 150 schools & 105 million pesos potential income to farmers.

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The Philippine Government already has so many laws, executive orders, policies, memoranda, and many typologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation, attached are some. "Turning Garbage Into Trees" aims to apply these methodologies into actions. Raising 3 million coffee & cacao quality seedlings in 3 months is achievable and producing the same volume for the next 5 years is doable. For the meantime, will focus these fast growing cash crop to help support and fast track agricultural rehabilitation in typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) affected areas. We intend to include later biodiversity and landscape restoration when school communities environmental learning centers are well established. This has to work and work hard to make this happen. What is badly needed today are highly skilled 'integrators' to convene multi-sector partnership and identify personalities with sincere dedication and relentless commitment. We already have gathered some representations from the academe, the local government, the private sector, peoples' organization and pastoral partnerships. Pledges of commitment attached. Today, we are working in defining clear roles and governance structure, and to formulate a sustainable business model for stakeholders to become entrepreneurs and future shareholders. We have to advocate our little experimentation in the city dump into provincial wide application and make it successful for the national government to adopt for a country wide implementation.


Beneficiaries includes scavenger communities through composting livelihood. Communities along riverbanks for river sand a component material in seedling soil mix. Bamboo producing communities to supply bamboo materials in nursery establishments. Nipa producing communities as roofing materials. And school community nurseries seedling production livelihood and environmental education. Beneficiaries for final seedling product (focus meantime on coffee & cacao) are Farmers, GO's, NGO's, others.


Poverty is the absence of opportunities. Urban slums in dumpsites and landfill has the resources to improve soil fertility, increase farmers income, support organic gardens, promote community collaborations and many more potentials to accelerate social, economic and environmental based development services governments and other organizations desires to improve.


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I wanted to become an effective 'integrator', someone that could steer collaboration among local leaders and heads of offices and agencies. Even though this requires a highly skilled individual of which I lack the capacity and experience, but I should and must try to become one.
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Miles Stahmann

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"Hello Miles, Please share us your time, talent and skills regarding the above concept proposition above. Hope you'll find time to evaluate proposal suggestion. Please be with us and make us one of your teams for the Philippines. Thank you. Sincerely, Nelson"

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"Hello Kim, I was one of the nominee for Southern Leyte scholarship for the Development Academy of the Philippines: Master in Public Management Major in Local Governance and Development but was not able to continue course due to my employment status. The above is our program proposition. Please be one of our advisers and mentor. Sincerely, Nelson"

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Hari Krishna Nibanupudi

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"Hello Hari, We are hoping the above concept suggestion is inline with your interest. Hope you'll find time to evaluate plans and guide us through. Thank you, Nelson"

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This will be the presentation we will share with officemates and my supervisor. First step in User Experience Map. We already have shared the same concept presentation with Edmund Rice Services together with the Diocese of Maasin Action Center representative. Initial suggestion with group is to start with few school communities and continue advocacy for local government support.

OpenIdeo-User Experience Map.pptx

Breaking concept into bite-sized pieces. A visualization of the end-to-end user experience guide. A reference user journey toolkit.

Raising A Million Seedlings-Draft Financial Plan2.pdf

This is a draft proposition on how to make our marginalized sector of society become stakeholder-entrepreneurs and arrived at solutions to find resources for investment opportunities.

Pledge of Commitment & Partner Resumes.pdf

We have gathered support from important personalities in the locality per letter of commitment and resumes attached. They are individuals that could best represent a local core group. Our concern today is how to build capacity among us.

Joint Memorandum Cdircular 2015-01 (Dept. of Budget & Management, and Climate Change Commission).pdf

One salient provision under this circular is incorporating climate change action programs down to community level, integrating expenditures in the local budget. There should be no problem implementing school tree plant nurseries with these directives.

E.O. 26.docx

The program specifically seeks to plant 1.5 billion seedlings in 1.5 million hectares of public lands nationwide in six years, from 2011 to 2016. What if all these seedlings are raised in school nurseries? What if these school nurseries are managed and run both by the school administration and the community itself as part of their climate change action plan? What if other communities considers to purchase and plant the seedlings produced as their climate change action programs?


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Documenting opportunity to prototype,
Latest attempt to integrate local development plans,
Thanks for now.

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