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Ma'Kite Festival & Competition-Addis Ababa

Hosting a periodical Kite Festival in Addis Ababa by teaching kids to make kites from plastic bags & engage them in waste reduction.

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With this program I want to create a lasting and sustainable solution in urban waste managment by applying a fun and engaging waste reduction method. The idea is to teach kids to use plastic bags that came from shopping by their parents to create a kite instead of throwing them away. Here in Addis usage of plastic bags is common while shopping. After the plastic bags get home people usually consider them as a waste and throw them away. This process creates a huge non bio degradable waste on the streets and rivers of Addis. By implementing the Ma'Kite Addis Festival program we can easily engage kids to utilize the plastic bags for further use as a kite and to have fun. The event will also have a competition for kids to create the best innovative products from plastic bags. The Program further enables us to induce the 3Rs of waste managment namely Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


The main beneficiaries are kids of Addis Ababa, by having a fun and learning experience while contributing for the good of the general society. Additionally the general public will benefit due to the minimized waste. The project also aims to contribute to the governemtn's goal to make Addis Ababa one of the 15 cleanest cities in Africa by 2020. The event will be implemented in Addis Ababa, Jan-Meda.


We aim to tour schools in Addis to engage students in kite making. this will create a new consciousness. Since they are directly involved in the making of the kites, they will monitor the plastic bags when they get home. Additionally the project aims to contribute to the governemtn's goal to make Addis Ababa one of the 15 cleanest cities in Africa by 2020. To host the grand event we aim to cooperate with stakeholders from the government office, civic society, and businesses. Besides its fun and creative nature, the event is expected to be an ideal medium to transmit crucial information and findings on any social issues and conscious consumerism for the future leaders and citizens of Addis ABaba.


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I am co-founder and Managing director of an award winning social enterprise named Mak-Addis Tutors which is a Tutor-Tutee matchmaking business in Addis Ababa. with this project we aim to solve problems of unemployment in educated-urban youth by enabling them to work as a tutor for a price.

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Hi Maktub, great idea, thanks for sharing! I wonder if you could elaborate a bit on how it relates to the resilience of urban slum communities - how would they be involved? what need does your idea solve for?

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Hi Maktub, I love this idea because is simple, doable, impactful in the short term but also because by focusing on children can make even more impact in the long run. In Mexico there is a moving campaign called RECICLATON which promotes a culture of environmental education and collects electronic waste. To increase participation there are usually involved local celebrities such as football players, tv actors and other famous personalities who show up and take part of the event. Just to give you some ideas of how could have greater effect.

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Thank you Sir.

Photo of Shane Zhao

Thanks for the post Maktub team! I curious to learn how this new Ma'Kite Festival/ recycling program will tie into your current tutoring program. Are there currently other recycling programs in Addis Ababa that are well received by the community? What might be some first steps to test this idea with the local community?

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There are some initiative in recycling but their problem is they only collect plastic bottles. Theplastic bags are left on the street, not even in the garbage. So on a windy day you mayobserve a bunch of these plastic bags up in the air. That was the jnspiration. And our tutoring business has many other communication ventures. We publish a monthly newsletter, and host an annual festival for our students and top scorers of the academic year get prizes. So, as part of this festivity we can maximize the impact to a greater societal good.