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Improving stream channels to check floods in slums.

We will follow the slum community’s resilience efforts and blend them with basic infrastructure.

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We would like to solve recurrent floods which are a threat to a population of about 2202 persons as well as their property. Within a period of ten years, 14 people have died in this highland city because of floods. For this to be effective, we will enlarge and drain some parts of the stream channels as well as build 3 artificial rapids together with the members of the affected communities. The members of the communities will provide unskilled labour whereas out partners will handle other technical aspects of the project. The enlarged and drained channels will stop the water from spreading and the artificial rapids will hinder the accumulation of water in large pools. The drained and enlarged areas will mostly be in the swampy areas where the course of the water is not straight whereas the artificial rapids will be at the point where the water pool has a narrow outlet. The problem would be solved in the sense that the down-stream velocity of the water will be faster when it rains as the area is above an altitude of 1200 meters. This will also trigger high up-stream water velocity which will further be increased by enlarged channels which permits the water to cut across the meanders.


Women, children and the elderly are vulnerable to floods as they have less access to resources and information and may need special attention. Early warning systems will enable these underprivileged to have enough time to escape impending floods. Moreover, we shall encourage the women, and girls to start urban agriculture in the area where floods have been eliminated. The idea will be implemented in the slums of Mulang, Ndamukong and Below-Foncha, of Bamenda city, Cameroon.


Our idea is linked to local efforts to increase the size of stream channels in order to contain floods so as to increase the velocity of flow. Draining the stream channels is what the population has been doing. We intend to do the same on a larger scale. Embankments have been built and others have suggested more at bridge points so as to block water from covering the bridge. We suggest that draining at bridge points and other areas, enlarging the channel and building artificial rapids will solve the problem. A land use plan will be produced and enforced by the local government to ensure that it is respected for socioeconomic activities like women and girls practicing urban vegetable gardening. The setting up of volunteers to design, implement the project and community based floods risk mitigation taskforce and training will be organised on an equal proportions of both sexes. The involvement of schools will ensure an ever ready source of actors within each community who can also propagate the techniques and good practices into the future. Sound working monitoring equipment would have been installed and sustained by the community and the council. Building 3 artificial rapids, enlarging and draining the stream channels would be cost effective than building embankments all along the stream channel. For greater participation, the stakeholders of the project will include: the Bamenda city mayors and councilors, Divisional officers and the Governor and traditional and community leaders of the risk zones or neighborhoods concerned, local associations of these communities.


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We are an NGO called Cameroon Association of Young Scientists (CAMAYS) with expertise in geology. Our multisectorial partnership: Water management, Environment protection , Disaster prevention and management, Community Development, Health and Sanitation, Biodiversity management , Climate Change etc
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User responses collected from four persons. The ideas were compiled and proofread by Francis Ndi who is in chanrge of public relations and communication.


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Hi CAMAYS! Thanks so much for sharing your idea with us! Is this work that you have already begun? What is the name of the NGO that you are a part of? Looking forward to learning more!

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Hello Chioma,
Thanks for your reaction. This is work that we have not yet begun. The name of the NGO is Cameroon Association of Young Scientists (CAMAYS).