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Modular round eco-housing infrastructure capable of providing self-sustainable basic necessities, shelter improvement, and fast assembly

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As populations grows urbanization sets mother nature apart from us when it is she who provides food and water; the same one that strikes with floods, droughts, hurricanes, or earthquakes for disregarding her. I believe we can coexist like tribes have done since ancient times, but we need to change the way we urbanize nature with new methods, or just implement existing ones in the most efficient way to create better and new cities. I propose this method of construction with 3D printing where the house infrastructure is based on a central column made up of modular blocks with modular branches extending from within to give the house its firm structure, as in trees or living beings this will be like its skeletal system. With its round shape and taking advantage of underground construction you can make use of space to maximum efficiency by adapting a self-sustainable system of water treatment, energy supply, and food production. Even in natural disasters and other dangers these houses will keep you alive and well with its optimized system. Turning them into a community-hive could create the Heliotrope effect of producing more than what they expend, an overproduction that can be used for social business or for building a future city through eco-urbanization. With this idea the end goal is to have water in droughts, harness energy among disasters, and produce food at unfit places. A shelter that will provide the basic needs with a safety not given by other building methods.


The main target are the poor; those without food, water, energy, and shelter living in extreme or unacceptable conditions which leaves them susceptible to climate change, diseases, and dangers. With this idea they will have a place to live that also gives them the tools to sustain themselves. Social organizations and governments can use what's being produced to create jobs within social businesses in the food, water and energy sectors, and even agriculture. Nature will be very grateful too.


One house impacts just one group of people, but several communities with these houses will have the potential of creating jobs and programs that can be led by the local government or organizations who are interested in social development, while it brings the basis to start a future city with potential commerce as it grows. At such scale a community will be enough to produce more resources than those it need; creating the opportunity to start social businesses in water treatment, energy source, and food supply which are desperately needed in many places. The design is based on providing an overall most effective and efficient solution for urbanization growth. This type of eco-construction uses its space better than regular building methods, it gives mayor flexibility and customization with a dynamic central source of resources distribution, leaving enough space for plants and trees to grow indoor and outdoor. Its aerodynamics can withstand hurricane winds with improved inner breeze ventilation, the segmented construction with central pole provides the stiffness required to resist earthquakes, and its over-the-ground building protects its residents from floods giving them an optimum shelter not seen by any other form of house. With its self-sustainable system residents will have their basic needs met while they are given only the job of maintaining the system safe and healthy. And as we develop these communities we'll build the environment to have a greater impact, where we could turn towns into prolific eco-cities just by improving the infrastructure of urban construction.


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A mechatronics engineering student from Honduras that has seen enough of what's going here and around the world to just sit down waiting for someone else to do something. Am here searching for better ways to solve the problems that affect us all, because in our home planet we are our only family.


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Hola Manuel,

Great to read through your project. We are building a similar integrated infrastructure solution for urban slums (check, albeit not on a house-hold scale rather on a community scale. Have you worked on the designs yet? Will be glad to hear from you.


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Hello Saurabh,

I am glad to hear from you, I read your project too and it's really impressive. I love how your idea provides more social services that can't be solved with just a home, but I believe both an interconnected community center and house(s) would work better than by themselves. With the modular concept we have in mind along the use of IoT, 3D printing, and other practical technologies we could create a smarter community system that will probably increase capacity and efficiency to a whole new level. I haven't work that much on it, for me it's rare that someone is interested in something like this to be able to give it further development while having other things to deal with, but I can advance in develop it if there is an opportunity or way to make it happen. I'll be grateful to talk more about it with you. Thank you.

Best regards,

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Thanks Manuel. Lets connect for the same.

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